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June 2020, No. 94

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Bold Decisions

If we want to maintain our national and regional authority we must make bold political, social and economic decisions.       more...

:: Global Crisis

China on Economic Alert!


Preventing Socio-Economic Crises in Iran


:: Cover Story

A New Global Crisis


:: Special Report

Bold Decisions


:: Hall of Fame

‘Chevalier of Iran Industry’ Wins Leonardo Prize


:: Economy

The Secret of Iranian Economy’s Resistance


US-Iran Economic War


Iranian Economy’s Meager Productivity Share


Great Danger!


Implications of Economic Insecurity in Iran Today


:: Viewpoint

We Are in A Paradoxical Economic Situation!


Future of Iranian Economy


:: Q & A

Convergence of Threats, Divergence of Tactics


:: Export

Six Challenges Iran Is Facing in Exports


:: Foreign Trade

India and Fixing the Employment Crisis!


In "Prosperity" Race We Lag Behind Our Counterparts


Iran-Iraq Trade up to $20 Billion


:: Global Economy

Sound Economic Patterns


:: Environment

Climate Change & Financial Risk


:: Global Emigration

Financial Emigration and Elite Immigration


:: Investment

Investing in Resilience


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  June 2020
No. 94