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January 2020, No. 93

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We Need to Make Up Our Mind

If we want to think of other economic capacities instead of oil, we have to make all the necessary preparations, and if the sanctions cannot be thwarted domestically at least there will be no new problem for producers so that we can pass through this difficult time.       more...

:: Economy

“Oil Free Economy” the Only Way to Save Iran

Self-Sufficiency Means More Poverty

A Well That Has No Water but Has Bread!

Challenging Future of Iranian Economy

:: Cover Story

Iran’s Economy Is Still Oil Dependent!  

:: Budget & Planning

We Need to Make Up Our Mind

The 1399 Budget Reform Process  

:: Foreign Trade

It Is the Duty of the Government to Support Foreign Trade!

Meeting in Milan!

Exports; the Jewel of South Korean Economy  

:: Banking

Strengthening the Value of the National Currency

Banks, Taxation System Are Unkind to Industry!  

:: Opinion

“Ministry of Commerce” a New Excuse to Re-establish  

:: Transparency

Privacy vs Transparency 

:: Science

Iran Is a Health Leader in the Region


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  January 2020
No. 93