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October 2019, No. 92

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Iran Changing Development Approaches

The perspective on seeking solutions further east has gained significant weight in governance circles.


New Developments in Iran-Russia Relations

What happened at the 2nd Iran-North Caucasus Business Forum, which was held concurrently with The 15th Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission Meeting?


:: Editorial

Iran Changing Development Approaches

:: Global Economy

The Future of Trade

Invisible Links

New Developments in Iran-Russia Relations

:: Cover Story

Where Do We Stand in Global Economy?  

:: Economy

FATF and the Iranian Economy

Ambiguities of FATF’s 4-Month Deadline to Iran

Intervention Does Not Have Economic Logic  

:: Transport Industry

Salam Terminal-Gallery Inaugurated  

:: Special Report

New Approaches and the China Experience

:: Science & Technology

End of Unscientific Economic Decisions  

:: Inflation

Outcome of Degree Inflation!

Chronic Inflation:  An Endless War!  

:: Management

People Pay the Price of Public Companies Incompetence!

More Control of Economy: More Damage to the System!

Ways to Deal with Absolute Poverty!


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  October 2019
No. 92