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June 2019, No. 91

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Iranís Foreign Trade in the New Year

The Iranian business is tied to the foreign trade in 1398, and any defects, shortcomings and deviations on the side of exports and imports can put Iranians in difficult conditions.



Iranian Economy in 1398


When we examine the business cycles of the Iranian economy, we see that the periods of recession and boom are entirely dependent on oil revenues.


:: Cover Story

Sanction; Revision of Iran Economy

:: Special Report

A Solution to Stagflation

Policy Lessons From Global Experience

Metrics and Indicators

:: Spotlight

Achievements of Mines, Mining Industries of Iran

Iranís Mineral Products Fetch $20 Billion Annually

:: Economy

Iranian Economy: A Perspective!

Iranís Foreign Trade in the New Year

Iranian Economy in 1398

Liquidity in the Iranian Economy

Smuggling & Dirty Money on Iranian Economy  

:: Opinion

Fundamental Changes in Economic Laws  

:: Banking

Toman: New Iranian Currency  

:: Budget

The 1398 Budget Proposal Possible Development Impact  

:: Character

Mohammad Etemad, Top Entrepreneur in Iranís Apparel Industry  

:: Achievement


:: Oil & Gas

Iran to Maintain Gas, Power Sales to Iraq

Iran Oil Show 2019


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  June 2019
No. 91