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October 2018, No. 89

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IRAN: Challenges of Today


We believe that without making a conscious and fundamental change in the patterns of thought, structures and political and economic institutions, the way out of the current crisis is unthinkable.


Double Issue


IMIDRO, Five Years of Brilliant Record!


:: Banking

Dr. Mehri Appointed New CEO of BIM


Coming out of Imposed Policies


:: On Agenda

Caspian Sea: An Opportunity for Development of Exchanges


:: Economic Diplomacy

Economic Diplomacy


:: Economy

Liquidity Continues Inroads


:: Viewpoint

Mr. President, Do Not Discount the Economics!


:: Cover Story

IRAN: Challenges of Today


:: Opinion

Invisible Hand Is Indisputable!


National Currency Value: A Lesson Not Learned!


Double Corruption!


:: Trade & Business

Trade with Neighbors: Evading US Sanctions!


Businessmen under the Heavy Shadow of Restrictions


:: Europe

Bonds that Connect Iran and Europe


Maintaining Trade & Political Relations between Iran & Austria


Economic Relations between Iran and Europe


:: Oil & Gas

Sanctions on Iranian Oil Customers


Russiaís $50 Billion Investment in Iranís Oil & Gas Industry


:: Sport

International Youth Day: Safe Spaces for the Youth


Iran Grabs 20 Gold, 20 Silver, 22 Bronze Medals


:: Special Report

Five Years of Brilliant Record!


Developing Small Farmer Households Capabilities

Special Report |

Iranís Mining Projects Open to Foreign Investors

IMIDRO, Five Years of Brilliant Record!


IMIDRO, the Top Organization

We Are Self-Sufficient in Domestic Production

Maad Koush Company

National Iranian Copper Industries Company

Mining Investment Insurance Fund

Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co.

US Schemes for Iranís Oil, Steel and Copper

Iran Central Plateau Iron Ore Mines Complex

Saba Steel Continuous Rolling and Steel Expansion Plan Becomes

Mobarakeh Steel Group

MIDHCO and Economy of Resistance

Middle East Mines & Mineral Industries Development Holding Company

Superior Technology

Sangan Iron Ore Complex

Sirjan Iron Ore Complex

Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Economic Zone, Is the Safest Place for Investors

40 Tons Added to Gold Reserves

Mouteh Gold Complex

Attainment of Production Capacity of 3.5 Tons of 24 Car at Pure Gold

Govít, Private Sector United on 55mt Steel Output

Khorasan Steel Complex

Iran Alumina Company

Getting to Know Hormozgan Steel Co.

Russia to Invest in Mehdi Abad Mine

Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Industry Pioneers Company

Anguran Lead and Zinc Complex

Foolad Technic International Engineering Co.

Mines & Metals Engineering GmbH

Mines & Metals Technological Engineering Co.

Developing Programs in Iran Mineral Processing Research Center

Esfordi Phosphate Complex

Parsian Energy Intensive Industries Special Economic Zone

Central Alborz Coal Company

IMPASCO Conducted over 600,000 Meters of Drilling (2002/3 to 2017/18)

Iran Joins Rail Track Manufacturing Countries

Zarand Coke Making and Tar Refinery Complex

Jalalabad Iron Ore Complex

Khur-O-Biabanak Potash Complex

Overall Development, on Sabanour Agenda

Tabas Coal Mines Complex

A Glance at Production of Major Items in Mining

Share of Mining & Mineral Industries



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  October 2018
No. 89

Special Issue

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