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June 2018, No. 87

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Iran’s Economy Needs Surgery!

We have to do surgical operation on the economy. I say this very firmly: A person who has cancer cannot be cured by taking aspirins.


Community-Based Rainwater Harvesting and Tree Planting is a Cost Effective Water Solution for Iran

Water availability affects development, while increases in population along with ongoing processes of globalization, industrialisation, urbanisation and agricultural modernisation are leading to both increasing demand and decreasing supply of freshwater.


:: Banking

Our Main Task Is to Support Domestic Production

Ministers of Economy, Trade Hail Bank of Industry and Mine

Our Goal Is Banking Not Running Enterprises!

BIM Plays Key Role in Developing Nationwide Railways

BIM Achieving the Highest National and International Credit Rating

Central Bank Responsible for Maintaining National Currency Value

A Hard Year for Banking!


:: On Agenda

Development of Mazandaran Province


:: Achievement

Completion of Projects and Attraction of Capital

Iran Finalizing 2 Billion Euros of Foreign Mine Investment

Investing $6 Billion for Producing 1.5 Million Tons of Aluminum

Main Indicator of Productivity


:: Opinion

Taking a Wrong Course of Action!

Poor Employees & Unemployed Poor!


:: Global Economy

Public Finance Goes Digital

Global Finance Resets

A Time for Action


:: Investment

Business Boom in Iran Depends on Int'l Relations


:: Cover Story

Iran’s Economy Needs Surgery!


:: Economy

IRAN in 1400

Attractiveness of Foreign Investment in Iranian Economy

Two Challenging Triangles in Iranian Economy

Private Sector and the Government Accountability!

Observing the Rules of Competition in Iranian Economy


:: Special Report

17 Million People Exposed to “Water Stress”

Water Rights in Iran

Complete Drought in Middle East in 2025

Community-Based Rainwater Harvesting and Tree Planting is a Cost Effective Water Solution for Iran


:: Q & A

Lack of Strategic Business Partners

Our Economy Serves Politics, Not the People!

Iran Needs a Major Economic Revolution Today!


:: Sports

Iran Makes History in 19th Asian Squash Team Championships

Iran Clinches Title at AFC Women’s Futsal Championship


:: Book Fair

Tehran Book Fair Attracts Publishers from 50 Countries


:: Science

Mission Impossible!


:: Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Tehran


:: Oil Show

Iran Oil Industry in for Big Year amid US Threats


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  June 2018
No. 87