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January 2018, No. 86

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Realization of 55 m/t Record
of Steel Output

The steel chain has been selected as the number one priority, and numerous meetings and inspections have been conducted and there will be continuous monitoring until the end of the Vision Plan 2025.


Iran Maintains Active Presence at
IMARC 2017 Australia

“Iran has 68 types of minerals, enormous energy resources, convenient access to international waters, a consumer market of 80 million, and is situated in the middle of a big consumer market of 500 million people.” Dr. Karbasian said


:: Banking

BIM, a Pioneer in Supporting Mining Industry

BIM to Channel AIIB Infrastructure Finance

Banking without Banks

Banking on Change

:: Cover Story

Realization of 55 m/t Record of Steel Output

Iran Maintains Active Presence at IMARC 2017 Australia

:: Export

We Insist on Deleting US Dollar from Foreign Trade

:: Opinion

Government Is the Root Cause of Current Problems!

:: Trade & Business

Iran, South Korea Sign €700m Deal to Make Railbuses

Putin, Aliyev in Tehran for Three-Way Summit

Iran-Turkey Trade to Hit $30 Billion Soon

Iran Georgia’s Gateway to Persian Gulf

Pretoria Hosts South Africa-Iran Business Forum

Armenia Wants Iranian Gas

Iran Holds Joint Meeting with 19 EU Members in Tehran

:: Economy

Grand and Major Challenges of Iran Economic Development

Dollarization of the Iranian Economy

:: News in Brief

Top Iran Business & Energy News (September – November 2017)

:: Investment

Iran Health Ministry Signs €1.8b Deal with UK’s IHG

:: Endeavor

Startups Did What Governments Failed to Do!

:: Character

Shahdaei Was Appointed First Deputy Oil Minister

:: Management

Tehran’s 21% Share in Total GDP of Iran

:: Tourism

Iran Visa on Arrival for Visitors from 180 Countries

The Meager Share of Tourism in Iranian Economy

:: On Agenda

IAEA Chief Reaffirms Iran’s Adherence to JCPOA

:: Charity

White Cane Safety Day Commemorated


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  January 2018
No. 86