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January 2017, No. 82

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IMIDRO: Empowerment of Mine & Mining Industry in Iran

The new exploration plan, an underlying program for the development of mines and downstream industries, was developed and implemented under the government of Hassan Rouhani. more...

Water as the Oil of 21st Century!

Droughts, storms and floods will cause us to notice atmospheric changes and the change in the volume of water in our access.                             more...

:: Cover Story

How World Leaders Reacted to Trump’s Win


:: Economy

Extroversion Means Interaction with the World


Businesses that Gain from Inflation!


Signs of Boom in Iranian Economy


:: Trade & Business

Venezuela’s Maduro Visits Iran, Calls for Oil Price Cooperation


Iran-Germany Trade to Reach €5bn in 2017


Iran, Germany Sign 6 Transport MOUs


Iran, Netherlands Boost Coop on Energy, Water Management


Nematzadeh, Zeybeckci Discuss Preferential Trade Agreement


Tehran, Sarajevo Mull Visa-Free Regime


Iran, Finland Trade Can Rise Tenfold


Iran, Vietnam Pledge $2 Billion Trade Boost


Iran, Malaysia Seek to Double Trade Exchanges


Iran, Thailand Set to Open ‘New Page’ in Bilateral Relations


:: Oil & Gas

Total, CNPC Sign $48b Gas Agreement with NIOC


Shell, Total Sign Agreements with Iranian Chemical Producer


:: Global Economy

Dollar Dependence


Transmission Troubles


:: Environment

Water as the Oil of 21st Century!


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  January 2017
No. 82