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September 2016, No. 80

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Principled Diplomacy

The Islamic Republic has managed to boost its oil and petrochemical exports. Officials say Iranís oil production has reached pre-sanctions level in the wake of the nuclear deal.          more...

Iran Should Adopt a Neutral Stance
on Brexit


ďBased on diplomatic principles, Iran should remain completely neutral towards separation of Britain from the European Union.Ē         more...

:: Banking

Nematzadeh Commends Bank of Industry and Mine

BIM Cooperates with 51 Foreign Brokerage Banks

Specialized Labor Force, Most Important Factor for BIM Success

:: Hall of Fame

Iran Team Dedicate Sitting Volleyball Gold to Golbarnezhad

Iran Finishes 25th in Rio 2016 Olympics

:: IMIS 2016

Tehran to Host IMIS 2016 in December

IMIDRO Will Commission 28 Projects Worth $1,420 Million

Iran Lucrative Market Attracts Big Investors

:: Landmark

Principled Diplomacy  

:: Partnership

Iranís Membership in World Trade Organization  

:: Cover Story

Global Bond Markets  

:: Internationalization

Iranís Membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization!

:: Stagnation

Stagnation Risk  

:: Achievement

Baku Hosts Rouhani-Putin-Aliyev Summit  

:: Trade & Business

Tehran, Sofia Ink MoUs to Expand Bilateral Relations  

:: Technical Services

Export of Iranís Technical, Engineering Services  

:: Economy

Corruption and Unemployment Crisis

Financial Crisis, Iranian Economyís Main Problem

Tourism, Oil & Petchem, Transportation  

:: Q & A

Economic Reform: Small But Steady Steps  

:: Africa

Iran Bolsters Economic Ties with African States  

:: Europe

British Exit from EU Is a Loss to Both Sides

Iran Should Adopt a Neutral Stance on Brexit  

:: Asia

Singaporeís Economic Growth Miracle  

:: Millennium 21st Century

The Internet of Trust


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  September 2016
No. 80