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October 2015, No. 76

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Iranian Economy Needs Structural Reforms

Iranian Economy Must Get Rid of Chronic Imbalances that Make it Weak and Vulnerable against Sanctions


Monopoly Seeking Policies
Have Wrecked Iranís Economy

We should focus on exporting merchandise and importing raw material and invest in production and technology         more...

:: Cover Story

New Diplomatic Opportunities, New Ideas (Part1)

Iran Parliament Approves Nuclear Deal Bill in Victory for Rouhani

New Diplomatic Opportunities, New Ideas (Part 2)

EUís Mogherini Seeks Talks with Iran on Energy, Trade by Early 2016

BASF, Linde Discuss Reviving Iran Projects

Iran, Germany to Boost Trade Ties Once Sanctions Lifted: Envoy

French FM Fabius Holds Talks with Senior Officials in Tehran

Iran, Italy Aim to Raise Trade Volume to $7 bn

Oil & Gas Cooperation with Iran

Expansion of Economic Ties High on the Agenda

UK to Support Trade & Investment with Iran

The Iran Deal Is Done

Iran to Use Spainís LNG Terminals for EU Exports

Czech FM: Iran a Credible Partner

Iran, Brazil Enjoy Common Global Stance

Iran Asia Trade Soars amid Westís Sanctions

Tehran, Bishkek Sign Eight MoUs

Japan FM to Visit Tehran as Tokyo Eyes Investing in Iranís Energy Sector

India, Korea Plan $10 Billion Energy Park in Iran

Iran, Pakistan to Increase Trade Volume to $5 bn

South Korea to Import More Iranian Crude

Investment in Iran

Iran, Iraq Could Pump Up Trade to $20 bn

:: Global Economy

Path to Development

Aiming High

:: Post-Sanctions Economy

Iranian Economy Needs Structural Reforms

Iranís ĎGood Temper Awardí for Italians

Iranian Economy on the Eve of Sixth Plan

Nine Recommendations for Development of Iranian Economy

Monopoly Seeking Policies Have Wrecked Iranís Economy

Resumption of SWIFT Important Demand of Economic Activists

The Role Government Plays in Peopleís Life

A Trilogy that Shapes our Future

Post-Sanctions, Roadmap for Oil Management

The Economic Party Is Over!

Iran Seems to Be the Only Chance for French Auto Makers

Iran Offers to Sell State Assets to Foreigners

:: Investment

An Attractive Station for Foreign Investors

Steel Middlemen Eliminated, Now Is the Turn of Copper

Sponge Petroleum Coke

:: Mines & Metals

Mines and Metals Engineering Company

:: Banking

Iranís Frozen Assets: How Much Is Really There?  

:: Charity

Celebration of ďHumanityĒ

:: Economy

Why Would the Stock Exchange Not Take an Upward Trend?


Special Report |

We Intend to Maintain the Financial Resources Needed for Economic Projects

Iran-Germany Joint Ventures

Iran-UK Long-Term Cooperation

Bank of Industry and Mine, A Pioneer Specialized Development Bank

Giant Hospital Project and the Neurology Center of Iran

BIM Policies and Performance

General Assembly Approves BIMís Positive Role in Economy

Majlis Deputies Comment on BIM

Larijani Says Parliament Will Support BIM

High-Ranking German Delegation in BIM

BIM Plays a Significant Role in the Economy & Industry

Tehran-Qom-Isfahan High Speed Rail Project

Artapan MDF Plant

Alyaf Gostar Company in Yazd Inaugurated

BIM & Environment

Post-Sanctions Period and Interaction with International Banks

Development Banks and the Role They Play in Economy

The Horizon Ahead in Post-Sanctions Environment

Credits Assessment in Post-Sanctions Era

Role of BIM in Post-Sanctions Economy

BIM in Post-Sanction Era

BIM Plan in Post-Sanctions Era

BIM, the Only Specialized Bank

Attraction of Financial Resources

BIM, a Well-known Economic Entity in International Forums

Status of the BIM in Post-Sanctions Era

Horizon Ahead in Post-Sanctions Era

Financial Transparency and Development of Int'l Relations

Policy of Increasing Capital of the Development Banks

BIM Plan to Embrace Post-Sanctions Era  


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  October 2015
No. 76

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