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March 2015, No. 73

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Boosting the Private Sector the Only Way Out!

The years ahead are hard and difficult years as in economy we have neither deadlock nor miracle.   more...

Iran Eyes Foreign Investment in Mining Sector


One of the advantages of Iran is the diversity of its minerals to such an extent that out of Mendeleevís Table close to 70 minerals are available in the country.      more...

:: Global Economy

Shaping Globalization

Important Decision of D-8 Member States in Tehran

:: Economy

Boosting the Private Sector the Only Way Out!

Seven Challenges Facing Iranís Economy

Iran Market Anticipating High Denomination Banknotes

Resistance Economy and Contradiction in Governmentís Economic Policies

4% Economic Growth an Outcome of ĎEconomy of Resistanceí

We Can Run the Country without Oil Revenues

Presence of Black Economy in State Economy

:: Special Report

Iran Eyes Foreign Investment in Mining Sector

Unprecedented Collaboration of Private Sector with IMIDRO

:: Cover Story

Western Sanctions and Promotion of Economic Relations with Neighbors

$100bn Market of Iran Neighbors

:: Opinion

Iran Lovers Urged to Pour into the Scene of Knowledge, Expertise

Economic Boom is not Sensed

Reconstruction Is Different from Economic Activity

:: Health Tourism

Moheb Institute, Policies & Strategies

:: Petrochemical

Nematzadeh Honored as Father of Petrochemical Industry

:: Oil & Gas

New Powers

:: On Agenda

How to Get Iranís Millions of Youngsters & Unemployed Back to Productive Work?

:: Banking

Focus, Flexibility, Service

:: Spotlight

PTA Signed after 11 Years

:: Population

Population of Iranians Hits 80 Million

:: Culture

Threefold Rise in Iran Visa Application by Germans Tourists

:: Achievement

North-South Transport Corridor Inaugurated


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  March 2015
No. 73