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June 2014, No. 71

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I Pin Great Hope in Future

Our university as well as research, industrial and production centers should stand by each other.      more...

Annual Petrochem Output to
Hit 130 mt/y

The two-day forum brought together representatives from 23 countries, including 330 local and 50 foreign firms as well as 70 foreign guests. 

:: Achievement

Global Market Belongs to Us

:: Hall of Fame

I Pin Great Hope in Future

:: Landmark

New Chapter in Bilateral Ties

China Calls for Security Alliance with Iran and Russia

Landmark Visit to Iran

:: Economy

How Economy Turned “Resistant”

Resistance Economy

Resistance Economy Means Economic Independence

Iran’s Economy Is Political Not Economic

How Statistics Lie

Year 1393, An Opportunity for Policy Making

Employment Growth More Important than Inflation Control

Emergency Economic Measures

Five Major Challenges in 1393

:: Endeavor

Remarkable Success

:: Oil & Gas

Fresh Impetus to the Gas Pipeline Project

The Economy of Resistance Promises National Strength

Petroleum Ministry Needs Strategic Plans to Promote Its Global Status

:: Partnership

We Should Bring Our Hearts Closer

:: Wood Industry

A Larger Proportion of Green GDP: Development of Combined Forest
and Wood Industries May be One Solution

:: Management

South Korea, The World’s Sixth Biggest Exporter

:: Opinion

“National Wealth Fund” for Iran

Government Not Authorized to Make Mistakes!

Vicious Cycle of Stagflation

Suppression of Exchange Rate

:: Trade & Business

Austria: Iran’s Gateway to Europe

On the Path of Mutual Interests

:: Banking

The Past is the Light of Future

:: Mines & Metals

55 Million Tons Production

:: Special Report

Your Gateway to Iran’s Mines & Mining Industries

Annual Petrochem Output to Hit 130 mt/y

New Chapter Opens in Iran - Belgium Relations

Europe’s Road to Integration

Brussels, the Capital of Europe

EU Foreign Ministers Queue at Iran’s Door

Our Young Colleague

Iran-Belgium Historical Relations

Iran and the United Europe, Lessons and Trials


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  June 2014
No. 71
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