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January 2014, No. 70

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A New Opportunity for Iranís Development

The new international agreements should generally raise
trade volume, perhaps significantly, and enable Iranís economy to
work and perform closer to its potential socio-economic-resource transformation possibility frontier.

Karbasian Calls for Greater Private Sector Cooperation


ďThe private sector and economic activists should not remain inactive and wait to see what measures the government would take to encounter the economic sanctions.Ē          more...

:: Cover Story

A New Opportunity for Iranís Development

Foreign Minister Zarif Conducts Four-Nation Arab Tour

Iran, P5+1 Clinch Historic Nuclear Deal

ĎJoint Plan of Actioní Signed by Iran, P5+1 in Geneva

:: Trade & Business

Chinese Disease & Iranian Economy

:: Achievement

Consequences of the China Agreements

:: Internationalization

Eurasiaís Next Frontier

:: Oil & Gas

SBW Eyes Iran as a Highly Potential Market

PPG Highly Values Its Iran Market

Iran Elected as Chairman of Gas Forum

:: Mines & Metals

Stronger IMIDRO Presence in Mine Exploration

Karbasian Calls for Greater Private Sector Cooperation

:: Endeavor

Rouhani Delivers Optimistic 100-Day Progress Report

:: Auto Industry

Auto, Parts Manufacturers of 20 World Countries Assemble in Tehran

:: Spotlight

Miracle of the Sun!

:: Global Economy

Development in Iran and Japan

:: Character

Iranís Communication Sciences Scholar Dies

:: Landmark

Economic Effects of Foreign Policy, Direct Tehran-New York Flight

Establishment of Iran-US Chamber of Commerce Likely

:: Economy

Unemployment Accomplishment of High-Income Years

Letís Not Repeat Blunders of Past 25 Years

Lack of Strategy, the Only Agony of National Economy

:: Banking

National Currency Weakened by Wrong Policies of Former Statesmen

:: Capital Market

Capital Markets at the Service of Production &Trade

:: On Agenda

We Do Not Consider Resolutions Worthless Papers

:: Business Excellence

Tehran Hosts 21st Meeting of ECO-COM

Special Report: New Chapter Opens in Iran-Italy Relations

Happy New Year

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Iran and Italy, A Win-Win Relationship

Italy Eyes Iran as a Thriving, Lucrative Market

Significance of Iran-Italy Cultural Ties

Iran and the Third Millennium, Iranís History-Making Development Train is now on Track

Petrochemicals Output to Reach 125m Tons by 2025

Iran, The Key to 2014

North Drilling Company, The One and the Only Intíl Drilling Company in Iran

Iran and Italy: A New Horizon of Synergy

IMIDRO is the Best Gate to Iranís Mines & Mining Industries

Iran and Italy, Two Ancient Countries

Iran and Italy, Welcoming a New Season

Sanctions to Be Removed Soon

Zar Research & Industrial Group

Iran and Italy, Biz Tools for an Increasing Joint Growth

New Economic Relations, End of European Sanctions

TCCIMA Ready for Multilateral Economic Ties with Italy

Mapna Group

A Glance at the History of Iran-Italy Relations

Ferdous Petro Ahan Company

Razi Insurance Company


Karafarin Insurance Company

Sepehr Electric

Statistics on Latest Iran-Italy Trade Transactions

MWPI, The Largest Integrated Pulp and Paper Manufacturer in the Middle East

New Chapter Opens in Iran-EU Relations


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  January 2014
No. 70
  January 2014