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October 2013, No. 69

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Commercial Challenges Facing the Iranian Economy

A survey of the main destinations of Iran’s exports shows that more than 75 percent of the exports in terms of weight and about 65 percent in terms of value have been supplied to five countries: Iraq, the UAE, China, India and Afghanistan.         

Eight Economic Priorities
of the New Government

The focal point of economic reforms in the new government should be concentrated on “strengthening the status and improving independence of the Central Bank.”         more...

:: Cover Story

Obama and Rouhani Make History with Phone Call


Investing in Inclusive and Sustainable Development


The State of Inclusive and Sustainable Development in Uncertain Times


The Coming Wave


The Critical Role of Public Expenditure


:: Iran-Italy Special Issue

Italy Diverse


:: Mines & Metals

Karbasian Appointed New IMIDRO Chief

:: Industry

Nematzadeh, Grandfather & New Minister of Industry


:: Oil & Gas

On the Edge


New Plans to Bring Foreign Oil Investors Back


South Pars to Restore Its Past Glory

:: Petrochemical

$20 bn Leap in Petrochemical Products


:: Global Economy

SCO Summit in Bishkek


Closer to Home

:: Economy

A Solution to Help Resolve Stagflation


Commercial Challenges Facing the Iranian Economy


Eight Economic Priorities of the New Government

:: Management

Symbols of the President

:: Environment

Esfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Company


:: New Millennium

Iran and The Third Millennium on Track of a History-Making Development

:: Banking

The New CBI Governor Plans


:: Landmark

President Invites Guards Corps to Execute National Economic Projects


:: Culture & Civilization

Waiting for a Glorious Era


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  October 2013
No. 69