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July 2013

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Tenth Iran Petrochemical Forum | Summit 2013

Chabahar Petrochemical Development Plan


Iran's Petrochemicals: Achieving 100m Ton Target!


PIDEC, The Biggest Engineering Company in Iran


Petrochemical Industry in Iran and the World


IPF: $12bn in Foreign Investment


A brief look at Sepehr Energy Co.


Tehran Hosts 18th Oil Show


Capitals to Flee from Petrochemical Market


100 Million Tons Capacity by the End of the Fifth Plan


IPF at a Glance | 1999-2005



What Iran Gains from Globalization


Iran Persian Gulf, Global Energy Market


The Power of Petrochemicals


Total Global Strategy


:: Editorial

Sustainable Development & Improvement of Int'l Relations


:: Cover Story

Mr President, Iran is in a Stagflationary Trap


:: Hall of Fame

Karbasian Elected Badminton World Federation Board Member


:: Trade & Business

Business, Not as Usual


:: Mines & Metals

National Iranian Copper Industries Company


At Annual General Assembly, NICICO Gives Rls 1020 Dividend to Each Share


:: Economy

Much Time to Redress


Stagflation: Great Legacy of Government


Major Challenges Facing the New President


Fifteen Years Needed to Return to 2005 Zero Point


We Are Facing the Worst Economic Int'l Conditions


Below Zero Economic Growth, A Heritage for the New President


Let's Realize Economic Challenges


:: Global Economy

Outlook for Asia and the Pacific in 2013


:: Global Development

Degrees of Development


:: Industry

Why Do Industrial Corporations Not Grow in Iran?


:: Oil & Gas

Gasoline at Int'l Prices


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