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March 2013, No. 66

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40 Percent Decline in Oil Exports

Balance of payments is a table containing "transactions of debtor and creditor of a country with another country and international organizations which is similarly regulated with revenues and expenditures of companies."


Only 30 Percent of Iran's Production Capacity Is Active

Control of inflation with regard to prevalence of unemployment would occur in conditions under which liquidity which is developed during the year would commensurate with the growth of production.        more...

:: Cover Story

Effective Global Citizens

:: Global Economy

Dirty Money, Real Pain

The Euro Area Turmoil

:: Oil & Gas

40 Percent Decline in Oil Exports

Gas and Passing through Economic Crisis

:: Economy

Government and Unpredictable Economic Behaviors


Dollar-Hit Economy and Development Projects

:: Banking

EN Bank Becomes Member of Asian Bankers Board for Second Consecutive Term

Tsunami of Banking Liabilities

200 Percent Rise in Banking Outstanding Overdues in a Year

:: Mine & Industry

Only 30 Percent of Iran's Production Capacity Is Active

:: Achievement

Kharazmi IT Inaugurated

China Prompting Western Creativity

:: Viewpoint

Paradoxes of Iran's Economy

:: Planning Management

The Planning Organization and Current Problems

:: Global Management

Effective Global Leadership

:: Transport

Slowdown in Development Process of Tehran Metro

:: Stock Market

Stock Market: A Function of Economic Stability

:: Trade & Business

Iran's Foreign Trade Volume Drops Lower

:: Opinion

Sanctions and Responsibility

:: Europe

Reconfiguring Growth

:: Marketing

What Are Money Markets?

:: Tourism

Iran, Destination for Low-Cost Tourism

:: Investment & Production

Global Land Rush




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  March 2013
No. 66