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December 2012, Nos. 64 & 65

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The Global Village has Arrived

The Oxford philosopher David Rodin argues that "we are 'pushed' toward a global ethic by the need to address urgent issues that are increasingly global in nature".  


US, UAE, UK & Canada main destinations for Iranian immigrants

The official made no reference to residence status of Iranians in other world countries such as Turkey, Norway, Australia, Malaysia, India, and other countries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific.                   more...

:: Cover Story

World Crises Do Not Recognize Borders

:: Global Economy

The Global Village has Arrived

The Tiger and the Dragon

Cooperation for a more Integrated World Economy

:: Oil & Gas

China Abandons South Pars Project

:: Economy

How CBI Intervenes in Forex, Money Markets

Half of Century Old Oil Revenues at Ahmadinejad's Disposal

"Hajji Bazaari" Ideology

Majlis Speaker Renews Warning on Liquidity Growth

:: Currency

Actual Rate of US Dollar: 3000 to 3500 Tomans?

Share of Hard Currency in Exports Higher than in Production

Support for National Production: A Dream Not Come True

:: Immigration

Immigration and Great Recession

US, UAE, UK & Canada main destinations for Iranian immigrants

:: International Relations

US-China Rivalry in Asia & Iran's Position

:: Financial Market

Financial Regionalism

:: Landmark

Tehran Hosts 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement

:: Special Report

Iran Olympic Team at London 2012 Games




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  December 2012
Nos. 64 & 65