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July 2012, No. 63

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China Replacing UAE

"One of the factors that could save the country's foreign trade is management of international relations by giving priority to economic issues."                  

Sustainable Economic Unity

Iran itself has a large economy with noticeable potentials in the region; but it does not deserve to be classified as countries like Montenegro, Costa Rica or Uruguay by the World Economic Forum in 2011.         more...

:: Cover Story

China Replacing UAE

Government's Special Attention to Imports

80% of Iran's Revenues Allocated to Supply of Foreign Goods

:: Global Economy

Painful Medicine

:: Oil & Gas

The Global Energy Scene

OPEC Urges Producers, Consumers to Work Together

17th Oil Show: Growing Presence of Domestic and Foreign Companies

Financing 70 Petrochemical Projects

Petrochemical Industry at the Service of Private Sector Investors

How the Amirkabir Myth Became a Reality

:: Opinion

Sustainable Economic Unity

:: Domestic Economy

Iran's Inflation in 2012 - 2013

Why Are We Lagging behind Competitors?

:: Viewpoint

Who Is Responsible for Solving Economic Problems?

:: Recession

Recession and Depression

:: New Endeavor

Africa's New Engine

:: Milestone

Young People and Key Role  

:: Unemployment

Youth Unemployment  




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  July 2012
No. 63