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January 2012, No. 62

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:: Editorial

Trade at Service of Production

:: Cover Story

World Oil Outlook

World Economic Outlook

:: Oil & Gas

Iran-Tatarstan Oil, Gas Cooperation

Iran Breaks Total's Record in South Pars

OPEC 160th Meeting Concludes

Qatar Gas Exploitation Three Times More than Iran

Opening address to the 160th Meeting of the OPEC Conference

:: Special Report | 20th World Petroleum Congress, Doha, Qatar

20th WPC

Responsible Management

:: Opinion

A Significant Decision

Our Message Is to Help Iran's National Economy

:: Economy

Trust in Private Sector

State Economy the Cause of High Inflation

500% Growth in Liquidity

:: Endeavor

Entrepreneurship Development Foundation for Women and Youth

:: Finance

Prevention is better than Treatment

:: Europe

Europe to Lose in Case of Iran Oil Sanctions

Unemployed in Europe

More Europe, Not Less




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  January 2012
No. 62