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August 2011, No. 61

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August 2011, No. 61


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:: OPEC Exclusive

OPEC's 50 Year Achievements

OPEC Marks 50th Anniversary in Tehran

OPEC Emphasis on More Cooperation and Interaction

Iran's Chairmanship over OPEC

We Have Overcome Hardships

OPEC Did Not Give Market Control Over to US

:: Exclusive 16th International Oil Show

Tougher Sanctions, Call for More Cooperation and Interaction

Oil Show Reflects on Failing Sanctions

PIDEC, The Largest Engineering Company of Iran

Iran Invests $150 bn in Oil Industry

Private Sector to Take Over Oil Wells

Sanctions Won't Last Forever

Iran's Share in South Pars Equals, 120 Years of Oil Export Revenues

40,000 New Work Force for South Pars

Parliament speaker: Sanctions Will Only Harm Western Countries

NIGC, One of the Major 10 Active Companies in the Field of Gas at Int'l Level

$800m Bonds for LNG Project

Sanctions and Russian, Chinese Contractors

Sanctions Make Iranian Oil Industry Stronger

Chinese Companies in Tehran Exhibition

8 New Projects

Solid Steps in Privatization

$48 bn to Be Invested in Oil Refineries

7bn Euro Oil Partnership

Iran Manufactures Oil and Gas Turbines

$20 bn to Be Invested in Oil, Gas Fields

NIDC Drills 2,500 Oil & Gas Wells

The Biggest Oil Event in the Region

Foreign Media Remain Silent on Tehran Oil Exhibit

:: Stock Exchange

Oil Bourse Inaugurated in Tehran


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  August 2011
No. 61