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March 2011, No. 59


Iranian Affairs Abroad at
the President Office

The High Council of Iranian Affairs Abroad was established in late 2004 for more sincere contacts with Iranians living aboard, seeing into their affairs, and helping them with their problems.


WTO Global Prospects and Policies

In advanced economies, the repair and reform of the financial sector need to accelerate to allow a resumption of healthy credit growth. In addition, fiscal adjustment needs to start in earnest in 2011.



:: Cover Story

Ahmadinejadís Three Promises for the New Year: Eliminating Unemployment, Tax Reforms, Banking System Changes

:: Science & Technology

Summits of Science

:: Oil & Gas

Iran Takes the Helm in OPEC

Iranís Oil Industry Status in 2025

Ä5bn & 1,200 bn Tomans of New Bonds for South Pars

:: Banking

Islamic Banking Good for Growth?

:: Endeavor

Love, Affection and Compassion are the main criteria of Mahak entity



:: Global Economy

Global Economic Crisis

The Tragedy of Unemployment

WTO Compulsion, Not an Option

WTO Global Prospects and Policies

:: Business Excellence

Iranian Affairs Abroad at the President Office

:: Trade & Business

Iran, Turkey to Boost Trade Exchanges to $30bn

Keen Interest in the Special Issue

Tehran, Minsk Closer Ties

Non-oil Export Cross $22bn Mark





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  March 2011
No. 59