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March 2010, No. 55


South Africa, the Rainbow Nation

The governmentís policy choices had to some extent shielded it from the global financial turmoil and that continued investment growth, particularly by the public sector; would aid the country in weathering the storm.              more...


Surviving the Third Wave


Unemployment, especially for those just starting out, can scar individuals for years, and possibly all their working lives.



:: Cover Story

Climate Policy in Hard Times


:: Banking

The Liquidity Puzzle


:: Global Economy

Surviving the Third Wave


:: Economy

Unreal Expectations

High Tariffs Are No Remedy

Why Tariffs Are Not Sufficient


:: Spotlight

Reallocation of Subsidies Will Not Lead to Business Boom


:: Opinion

Government Should Have Nothing to Do with Privatization


:: Industry

Secco Aims at Quality Improvement and Energy Saving




:: Special Report

South Africa, the Rainbow Nation


:: Character

Father of Economics in Iran Passed away


:: Oil & Gas

Mega Projects & Special Management


:: Management

Bank, Stock Exchange & Insurance Triangle


:: Investment

Dubai, Dream and Reality!


:: Election

ICC and New Election


:: Asia

Rebalancing Growth in Asia




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  March 2010
No. 55