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September 2008, Nos. 48&49

We and Oil

Although we are currently celebrating the 100th anniversary of oil industry in Iran, in reality, the highest benefits of this industry have been reaped after victory of the Islamic Revolution.             more...

Discovering Wealth before Democratization

The relationship between oil and democracy is the relationship between economy and politics and there is no doubt that there is a close relationship between them.



Special Report:
Iranian Oil Industry Turns 100

Oil, Serving State Power

Iranian Oil Industry Turns 100

Justice, Freedom, and Oil Revenues

I am pessimistic

Discovering Wealth before Democratization

We and Oil

The Spell of Oil

Petrochemical Industry,
Younger than Oil

Tehran Hosts IOR-II Forum

PIDEC, Capability and Specialized Manpower

Oil Revenues: A Two-Edged Sword

Oil Industry Needs New Plans

At Last, Only Regret Remains

Luxuriousness of Democracy

100 Years of Oil and a Century of Delusions

The 100-Year Struggle

Gasoline Smuggling through Fuel Import Origins

The Oil Dream

Tehran Hosts 8th Iran Petrochemical Forum



:: Spotlight

Educational, Professional, and Economic Status of Iranian Immigrants


:: Economy

Liquidity Explosion and Financial Indiscipline


:: Banking

Hegemony of Dollar and Recent Fluctuations



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  September 2008
Nos. 48&49