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May 2008, Nos. 46&47

Iranian Oil Industry Needs $500bn

Investments in oil industry should be increased by, at least, 70 percent compared to the current figure by 2024 while Iran has only attracted 4.5 billion dollars investments in its oil industry during 17 years ending in 2006.        more...

Iran Lags behind Neighboring Countries

In our country, people elect one person through their votes and the government is usually concerned about basic programs and cares less about improving subsidies, gasoline price, or crediting more money to the Oil Stabilization Fund.             more...

Qatar Preempts Iran on South Pars

For international companies which are competing in upstream oil and gas operations in the Middle East, any delay in a project is considered a lethal blow.        more...



:: Cover Story

10th Anniversary of Iran International


Iran International:
The World’s Window into Iran


:: Trade & Business

Iran Lags behind Neighboring Countries


:: Industry

Private Sector Evades Industries


:: Environment

Global Warming and Agriculture


:: Hall of Fame

Ahmad Bourqani Passes Away



:: Global Economy

Global Governance:
New Players, New Rules


Governing Global Trade


Financial Crises of the Future


:: Economy

Spontaneous and Untenable Economic Decisions


:: Oil & Gas

Qatar Preempts Iran on South Pars


Iranian Oil Industry Needs $500bn


:: Endeavor

Toward a Downsized Government



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  May 2008
Nos. 46&47