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January 2008, No. 45

Development Ideals in 3rd Millennium
& Challenges Facing Iran

Realization of long-term goals of economic, social, and cultural development, especially social justice, is closely related to economic growth and prosperity.            more...


Asia after a Decade

Today, Asia is among the star performers in the global economy. The region found strength in no small part by turning crisis into opportunity.                   more...

Megacities and Megaproblems

The year 2008 represents a turning point in human development, according to a recent UN report. For the first time, the majority of the world's population will live in cities, as opposed to rural areas.   more...



:: Cover Story

New Investments in Global Capital Market

Development Ideals in 3rd Millennium & Challenges Facing Iran

:: Banking

Winning Bankerís 2007 Prize Affects Guarantees

Sanctioning Iranian Banks, Merely Propaganda Ploy

Leading the Way in Privatization of Iranian Banking Sector

:: Asia

Asia after a Decade


:: Mines & Metals

SCICO in Progress




:: Economy

4.5% Lag in Iranís Economic Growth Rate

:: Domestic Economy

Why Tax Revenues Are Low in Iran?


:: Management

The Urban Revolution

Megacities and Megaproblems

:: Special Report:
   Sepehr-e Bam Charity Foundation

The Will Power

:: Endeavor

China, Remarkable Economic Performance

Chinaís Rapid Export Growth



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  January 2008
No. 45