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January 2007, No. 42

Asia’s Investment Puzzle

What is causing the continued lower rate of investment? A number of factors are worth examining, including the effects of financial and corporate sector restructuring, competition from China, and perceptions that the investment environment is riskier.                     more...


Global Migration

The discovery of the Americas stimulated a steady stream of voluntary migration from Europe. High transport costs and big risks ensured that only the richest and most fearless made the move.                                         more...



:: Cover Story

Our Policy Is to Reduce Dependence on Dollar


:: Management

Putting the MPO on the "Right Track"


:: Endeavor

One-Year On: The Performance of the Ministry of Industries & Mines


:: Q & A

Zangeneh on High Oil Prices and Economic Development


:: Banking

Private Banks and Lower Profit Rate


Challenges of Private Banking in Iran


EN Bank Buys Banks in Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan


:: Character

To Dye Naturally


:: Culture

The Emergence of Media-Driven Culture in Iran


:: Migration

Global Migration



:: Editorial

Envisioning a New Developmental Outlook


::  Oil & Gas

NIORDC Hosts the 1st International "Iran Oil Refining Forum"


Contracts Worth $84b to Be Finalized Next Year


Tackling Iran’s Negative Gas Export Balance


:: Global Economy

Asia: Ready or Not


Globalization Waves and International Economy


:: New Millennium

One Year On: A Report on the Implementation of the 20-Year Perspective Plan


:: Investment

Asia’s Investment Puzzle


:: Industry

8% Economic Growth Rate Not Impossible


:: Finance

Aging and Financial Markets



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  January 2007
No. 42