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September 2006, No. 41

A Short Dream for Liquidity


We must note that there is always a justifiable gap between inflation and liquidity, which can be justified in view of economic growth and increased volume of imports.  


Appreciation of Dignity

Many sociologists believe that excessive increase in women studying at higher educational centers will have social, economic, cultural, and political consequences.  more...

30 Years of Iranís Economic Activities

If anybody wanted to say something new with regard to economics, they should first understand what the past scholars had said in this regard. Such an understanding can only be reached through studying up-to-date books and papers on relevant subjects. more...



:: Cover Story

A Determined Iranian Woman


Asia Building on Success

China & India Growing Asian Markets


Appreciation of Dignity

::Trade & Business

Iran, Venezuela Looking for Ideological Union

Iran-UAE Trade   Favors Emirates 


30 Years of Iranís Economic Activities


Eghtesad Novin Bank at a Glance



:: Oil & Gas

Gasoline Stores Adequate for Six Months

Iran Invites American Companies to Oil Projects

The Gordian Knot of Gas Industry in Iran



Changes in Economic Ideas in Iran

A Tough Test

A Short Dream  for Liquidity


::Global Economy

Influx of Chinese Goods or Elimination of Domestic Producers?

Shoe Imports, a Serious Threat to Domestic Market



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  September 2006
No. 41