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May 2006, No. 40

Self-Sufficiency in Oil Industry Is Possible

"We believe that capacities for developmental work are three times the current situation and we have tried through the Budget Act to boost developmental credits. However, Majlis believe that the current capacities are not more than what they appear to be."       more...  

Partnership in Energy, Cooperation in Security

Undoubtedly, China, which enjoys the highest consumption rate of energy and the highest demand growth rate and also enjoys the highest economic growth rate among Asian countries, has more concerns about assuring constant flow of needed energy to keep its economy going, because access to secure energy sources is a basic factor for assuring continuation of modernization as Chinaís strategic choice.      more...



:: Cover Story

Partnership in Energy, Cooperation in Security


:: Opinion

Value of Time and Profit Rate  


:: Economy

Picture of Iranís Oil-Dependent Economy


:: Global Economy

Remittances Reducing Poverty


Development Cannot Be Imposed, Only Facilitated  


:: Global Trade

From Global Trade to Global Integration


Special Report: Sepehre Bam Charity Organization

Still There, Still Care



:: Oil & Gas

Karbasian Takes Charge of Iranís Oil Bourse


Disadvantages of Expensive Oil


Self-Sufficiency in Oil Industry Is Possible 


:: Petrochemicals

Iran May Implement 11th Olefin Plan, Saving 260m Euros


:: Auto Industry

L-90 Project in Limbo


:: Auto Industry

Iran Buys 50 Double-Deck Train Cars



Latin America Indigenous Peoples



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  May 2006
No. 40