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March 2006, No. 39

How do you see the future, Mr. Minister?

What is currently discussed as economic diplomacy is taking regional and global considerations into account to lessen political influences and increase role of economic indexes in management of Iran’s energy sector.      more...

Unending Unofficial Economy

The major characteristic of unordinary economy is that its products and services are legal, but production or distribution operations include illegal procedures.




:: Millennium 21st Century

Big Push for MDGs



:: Opinion

Dispelling the Curse of Crude



:: Endeavor

Aid and Growth



:: Economy

Unending Unofficial Economy



:: Banking

Three Major Challenges Facing Central Bank of Iran


Problems Facing Private Banking



:: Investment

Capital Attraction rather than Capital Flight



:: Finance

Islamic Finance Gears Up



:: Trade & Business

Steadfastness in Global Competition



:: Cover Story

Today’s Talents, Tomorrow’s Advantage



:: Viewpoint

The Mixed Blessing of Oil



:: Oil & Gas

How do you see the future, Mr Minister?



:: Q & A

High Oil Price Undermines Economy



:: Appointment

New Oil Appointments



:: World Economy

WTO Rules: The Constitution of Global Trade



:: Auto Industry

From Assembly to Manufacture



:: Book

Infatuated with Spirituality



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  March 2006
No. 39