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January 2006, No. 38

Media in Mourning


It is with a heart heavy with sorrow that we pray for those Iranian journalists passed on in the recent plane crash, which was not only a great loss of precious human life, but also a blow to the journalistic community, and while our deepest condolences go out to their families, we too mourn the loss of our colleagues and friends.

Understanding Iran-US Animosity

If a country does not have relations with the United States, it is isolated, and if it has relations with the United States, then it is not isolated even if it has no relations with any other country.         more...



:: Editorial

Iran and the Redistribution of Power

:: Interactive



:: Oil & Gas

Energy Analysis at Tehran Conference

Gas Sales: Catastrophe or Diplomacy


:: Petrochemicals

Promoting Plastic Production
in Iran Plast 2005


:: Character

Law Journalís Contribution to
Legal Literature

:: Management

Next Steps for China

Uneasy Passage for Turkish Economy

Intellectual Aptitudes


:: Mines & Metals

Tehranís Mayor on Mining

National Determination for Industrial Development


:: Science & Technology

Shahriyar Dares to Look Beyond


:: Transport Industry

Russian Tupolevs to Join Iranís Air Fleet


:: Auto Industry

MPs Slams Opponents of
Car Design Plan



:: Cover Story

Cultivating Minds


:: Global Economy

Iranian People are like Iranian Rice


:: Economy

Planning for Success or Failure?

Underground Economy in Iran

The Fate of Petrodollars

Economic Reforms Lack
Suitable Infrastructure

Pathology of Economic Policies in Iran


:: Int'l Relations

Iranís Fluctuating Relationship
with the West

Understanding Iran-US Animosity


:: Banking

Rasoulof Takes over
Eghtesad Novin Bank

Difference in Mainland & FTZ Banking


:: Investment

Capital Flight is Corruption


:: Stock Exchange

Sloganeering, no Longer a Remedy!


:: Agriculture

Agriculture Depends on Oil Revenues



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  January 2006
No. 38