The Forum for Partners in Iran's Marketplace



May / July 2005, Nos. 35 & 36

Special Report

Seventh Iran Petrochemical Forum
Summit 2005


Special Report

South Pars: A World of Opportunity




:: On Agenda

WTO Welcomes Iran


:: Cover Story

What Lies Ahead for the Next President


Candidate Views on Future Foreign Policy

:: Domestic Economy

Iran's Economic Year in Review

The New Year's Favorable Financial Situation

:: World Economy

The World Economy's Trouble


:: Oil & Gas

OPEC's Pumping Cushion


:: Investment

Making Room for Public Investment


:: Culture

Book Fair Opened with Talk of Freedom


:: Partnership

Dousti Dam, A Symbol of Friendship



:: Election

New Pope & New Reading of Religion


:: Editorial

Morality & Materialism in Modern Economics


:: Achievement

Learning from Success


:: Transport Industry

Chinese Trains on Raja's Tracks


:: Auto Industry

Substituting the National Vehicle

Iran's Auto Industry Revival

MG Rover Rolls into Iran?

:: Trade & Business

UAE As Iran's Hong Kong


:: Environment

Cheers and Concern for Climate Pact



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  May / July 2005
Nos. 35 & 36