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January 2005 / No. 33

Special Report
Tribute to the Father of Iran's Journalism

If we act wisely we can make the jump and eventually join the advanced world.

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Iran, Biggest Market for Dubaiís Reexport

China was Dubaiís number one partner from which Dubai imported more than 13 billion dirhams worth of commodities, comprising 12 percent of total imported goods in 2003

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:: Interactive



:: Cover Story

Iranís Changing Economic Dynamics

New Managerial Approach for Economic Planners

Charting the Future Course of Economy

:: Oil & Gas

Investments to Boost Energy Security


:: Petrochemicals

Ambitious Petrochemical Projects

Petrochemical Planning and Development

:: Culture

Kashanica: The Untold Story



:: Mines & Metals

Biggest Copper Complex in Middle East Finished



:: Industry

Energy-Intensive Industries Only Consume 5% of Natural Gas



:: Auto Industry

World Auto Update

Auto Industry at Critical Juncture

:: Transport Industry

Air Bus and Boeing before the WTO



:: Insurance

ICIEC Empowers Islamic Development Bank


:: Management

Industrialization Suffers from Mismanagement


:: Banking

Role of Foreign Banks Underscored

Eih Bank Opens Kish Branch

:: Economy

Politicization Hurting Economy



:: Global Economy

The 2005 Crystal Ball

The Worldís 2005 Industrial Outlook

Proper Mentality Needed Before Ascending to WTO

WTO What Do We Gain?

:: Trade & Business

Iran, Biggest Market for Dubaiís Reexport

Iranians Account for 45% of Fixed Capital in Dubai

$10bn Foreign Currency Sold in Dubai in 6 Years

Iran, China Forging Stronger Ties

Iranians Lost Opportunities in Afghan Markets

:: Science & Technology

Needing Information Means Needing a Satellite



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  Jan.  2005 / No. 33