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November 2004 / No. 32

And Now, the Carrot

Iran EU3 Accord
Iranís suspension averts the stick of sanctions, now EU3ís economic engagement must bring Iran back into the fold and into the WTO
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The Global What Now?

In Turkey, businessmen worried that Bushís re-election would spread instability on their borders with Iraq and Iran; in China, some analysts focused on whether U.S. policy might encourage the independence movement on Taiwan through arms sales. Japanese and South Korean officials fretted about the question of how Bush would act in the coming confrontation over North Koreaís nuclear weapons program more ...


:: Interactive



:: Cover Story

Iran EU3 Accord


:: Petrochemicals

Iran Plast Blasts Ahead


:: Oil & Gas

Petrified by Petroleum Prices

Iran, Chinaís $100bn LNG Deal

After a Two-Year Delay: Inauguration At Last?

:: Achievement

Bank Keshavarzi, Iranís Best Bank for 2004


:: Management

Manpower Management is a Must


:: Banking

CBI Needs Independence not Interference


:: Election

The Global What Now?

Democracy at Last

:: Investment

Stunning Tourism Opportunities


:: Mines & Metals

Commodities Coming Up


:: Industry

Political Will for Realization of Industrial Development


:: Auto Industry

TQMís Place in the Global Economy


:: Transport Industry

Marriage of Rail and Auto Industry



:: Editorial

Moving Towards Set Sights


:: Economy

Imports Outstrip Exports

Stability isnít Constancy

Liquidity Hits 60 Trillion Tomans

Fourth Planís Development Proposals

Explaining Iranís Incomprehensible Economy

:: Domestic Economy

IMF Reports on Iran


:: Global Economy

Protectionism Kills Competition

Frightened Financial Markets

:: Trade & Business

Connecting Power to Europe & Russia

Expanding Ports in Pace with Trade

Power Production and the Private Sector

:: Rules & Regulations

Too High Tariffs Invoke Illegal Imports

Bad Regulations Brake on Global Growth

:: Asia

A Giant Rises


:: Europe

Turkeyís EU Membership


:: Africa

Khatamiís North African Tour


:: Environment

Kyoto Coming Into Force




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  Nov.  2004 / No. 32