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July 2004 / No. 30

Iranís Encounter with E-Money

Innovation in monetary and banking tools, which are major factors for increasing profit, depend on innovation in banking procedures. more ...


Getting a Place at the Global Table

China has absorbed more than $50 billion in foreign investment during the past five years and has broken amazing grounds with regard to developing exports. more ...


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:: Editorial

Developing Iranís Financial Ability

:: World Economy

Securing WTO Accession

The Worldís Biggest Hedge Fund

IMFís New Head

:: On Agenda

Getting a Place at the Global Table

:: Achievement

IRISLís Fish Strategically Swims the Seas of Success

The Breakdown of Petchem Investments

:: Persian Gulf

EU Involvement in Iran-UAEís Issue Illegal and Impartial

:: Q & A

Dialogue Drives Iran-EU Ties

:: Europe

Prodi to Depart, Barroso to Begin

:: Landmark

Securing Iraqís Sovereignty

:: Middle East

Mid Eastís Seat at the Intíl Table

:: Investment

Foreign Investment vs Capital Flight

:: Petrochemicals

Iranís Impressive Petrochemical Progress

"On-time Utility for All"

The Petzoneís Liquid Loading Jetty

KAROON-PCís Isocyanate Investment



:: Economy

Iran Left Behind WTO Doors Yet Again

The Monetary Market for Muslims

7th Majlisí Economic Intentions

Iranís Roadmap to Economic Success

:: Trade & Business

Iran & Georgia, Going for Gas

Singapore, Iran Eye Closer Business Ties

:: Banking

Iranís Encounter with E-Money

Pros & Cons of E-Money

CBI a Monetary Policymaker

No need to Carry Cash with Prepaid Cards

:: Finance

Financial Advisors Add Finance Value

:: Oil & Gas

The Oil Industry Boasting its Abilities

Solving Serious Energy Security Concerns

:: Auto Industry

Paykan, Partnership & Privatization

Saipa Diesel Speeding Ahead

:: Stock Exchange

Meeting the Needs of the Middle-Class


:: Partnership

Iran-Ukraine Come to Consortium

:: Science & Technology

Canyon or Mirage?

:: Art

From Years Ago Up to the Present



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  July  2004 / No. 30