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May 2004 / No. 29

Iranís Informatics Ingenuity

The Informatics Services Corporation (ISC) is spearheading Iranís banking automation drive with great success. In Iran it is the undisputed leader in this regard, and also claims a prominent position in not only the region, but also on the global arena.  more ...


Roadmap to Iranís Economic Success

The reason behind excessive diversity of production in Iran is state subsidies, tariff barriers and production monopolies. more ...


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:: Editorial

Knowledge: The Pivot of Economy

:: Special Reports

Iranís Informatics Ingenuity

Sixth Iran Petrochemical Forum

:: Cover Story

Iran-EU Near Neighbors

:: Investment

The National Quest for FDI

:: Achievement

Crossing into Transit Routes with CROS

Shuffling the Surgeon of Iranís Economy

:: World Economy

Cheap Money, Pricey Oil

:: View Point

Mehrabad vs Imam Khomeini Airports

:: Culture

A Treat for Reader and Writer

Ukrainian and Persian Have a Lot in Common



:: Economy

Inextricably Linked

Roadmap to Iranís Economic Success

Unsustainable Economic Growth

Fourth Plan Passes Parliament

:: Global Economy

Gaining in Momentum

The Best Use of Aid?

How Mobile is Your Money?

:: Asia Economy

Asiaís Yen and Yuan

:: Trade & Business

Iranís Interaction with Latin America


:: Auto Industry

Asian Autos Override Europe


:: Oil & Gas

Crude Arguments

Gasí Global Advantage

:: Stock Exchange

Iran Exchange Enters International Arena


:: Endeavor

Set For Liftoff



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