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March 2004 / No. 28

Partnering for Prosperity and Security

If we are truly committed to the principle of “dialogue” in our international relations, domestic communications and personal interactions, then we are bound to accept the main element and principle of any “dialogue”.   more ...


Iran-Austria: Satisfactory Ties

The two sides agreed on joint investments and elimination of double-taxation.                  more ...

Turning Misunderstanding
into Understanding

Democracy in every country is not enough; rather a democratic world must emerge, in which nations are provided with equal rights.        more ...


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:: Landmark

4th D-8 Summit Khatami Calls for Closer Coordination and a Common Market


:: Editorial

Another World is Possible


:: Global Economy

Going Global


:: Achievement

The World’s First Islamic Satellite


:: Emigration

Brain Drain the Full Story


:: Management

The Five Minds of a Manager



:: Trade & Business

Iran-Austria: Satisfactory Ties


Tehran-Paris Stress Trade Ties


:: Industry

First Finance, Then Renovation


:: Oil & Gas

South Pars Phases 6, 7 & 8:
Onshore comes On-stream


:: Stock Exchange

How to Play the China Boom


:: Milestone

Turning Misunderstanding into Understanding


:: Endeavor

Touch Down



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  March  2004 / No. 28