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January 2004 / No. 27

Everything Back to Normal

The two discussed the "historical affinities between the two nations as well as the importance of communications technology    more ...


Diplomacy Based on Economy

Sinha's delegation comprises a group of Railroad Ministry officials and they talked about renovation of Iranian railroads with their Iranian counterparts.                     more ...

:: Interactive


:: Global Economy

The World Economy in 2004

:: Economy

President’s Economic Viewpoints

Budget Bill 2004

Mazaheri Targets One-Digit Inflation

8% Economic Growth Dependant on $70b FDI

New Budget for New Economy

Wade Wanting Better Ties with Iran

Kyrgyz President’s Constructive Visit

Strengthening Tehran – Tokyo Ties

Diplomacy Based on Economy

:: Europe

EU’s Constitution Collapses

:: Trade & Business

Water Flowing to Kuwait

How Much Cash Does Your Company Need?

22% Hike in Non-Oil Exports

:: Global Industry

Keeping Up to Pace with the Trendy Global Industry

:: Industry

Jahangiri’s General Overview

:: Transport Industry

Raja Reaching Remarkable Railway Achievements


:: Cover Story

A Summit of Opportunities

Digital Dialogue

:: Oil & Gas

Iran’s Production Modest, Qatar’s Vigorous

A Village with $30b Investment

South Pars Project’s Progress

How is Gas Going?

Oil Discovered in Central Iran

:: Investment

Ten Questions

:: Landmark

Everything Back to Normal

:: Emigration

From ‘Brain Drain’ to ‘Brain Swap’

:: Delegates

Caring for the Cradle of Life

:: Petrochemicals

44% Boost in Polymer Production

The Economic Power of Petrochemicals

:: Achievement

Rebuilding a Nation

:: Culture

Iran-China Cultural Alliance

:: Earthquake

Friends in Need, Friends Indeed (Bam Earthquake)



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  Jan. 2004 / No. 27