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November 2003 / No. 26

Malaysia Hosts OIC

The Summit adopted an action plan listing ways to make the body more credible in the face of the global challenges.    more ...


Going towards Global Goals

The World Bank\IMF Annual Meetings 2003 in Dubai has addressed issues such as international trade, future prospects and global imbalance                     more ...

:: Interactive



:: Special Report

Going towards Global Goals

:: Economy

Transition from Tradition to Modernity

IMFís Take on Iranís Economy

Economy of Wisdom

Achieving 80 Percent of Planned Privatization

:: Achievement

Pars Tire Towards Globalization

Awarding Exemplary Exporters

Almahdi Aluminum Exemplary Exporter

:: Character

Malaysia after Mahathir

:: Landmark

Malaysia Hosts OIC

:: Trade & Business

Cooperation Close, But Could Be Closer

Iran-Pakistan: Promoting Peace and Progress

Economic Future of the Two Neighbors

Tupolev 204, the New Addition to Iranís Fleet

:: Hall of Fame

Ebadi Enters Laurent List


:: Cover Story

Do Not Disturb, Diplomats at Work

:: Oil & Gas

Oil the Order of the Day

:: Investment

Growth of Foreign Investments in Iran

:: Auto Industry

Unprecedented Auto Investment

:: Stock Exchange

Bourseís New Business

:: Endeavor

Afghanistan Rebuilding a Nation

:: Banking

Bahrain Emerging as a Regional Player

Ranking Top 1,000 World Banks and Position of Bank Keshavarzi

:: Transit

North-South Corridor

:: Marketing

Brand New Branding

:: Culture

Cultural Alliance between Iran, China, India



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  Nov. 2003 / No. 26