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September 2003 / No. 25

EU: Iran’s Engagement not Containment

The EU has adopted a ‘Constructive Engagement’ Policy with Iran which may lead to an Iran-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement.    more ...


FDI: Fast Development Impetus

The Gulf countries have enjoyed some success in attracting FDI. There is no secret formula for attracting FDI, but a number of common themes do emerge. They include: open economy, globally inte­grated financial markets, sound domestic government policies and strong human capital.                       more ...

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:: On Agenda

Ten Years from Today

Exports, a Fourth Plan Priority

Over-Arching Outlook

Outside the Box

:: Investment

FDI: Fast Development Impetus

:: Trade & Business

Iranian Carpets off to American Homes

Iraq in the Cross-Hairs

:: Asia

Simply Successful

:: Oil & Gas

An Economy Drenched in Oil

Petropars a Pioneer in South Pars

:: Stock Exchange

Liquidity’s Trouble Settling In

E-Stock System in the Works

:: Global Economy

Status in World Economic Order

Economic Internationalization

Iran Still Out of WTO

The End of an Introverted Economy


:: Cover Story

EU: Iran’s Engagement not Containment

:: Special Report

Dubai: Dynamism Diversity Dominance

:: Industry

Prospects of Iran’s Industrial Development

:: Auto Industry

Iran Khodro Doubles Production

:: Landmark

Time to Talk Business

Tehran-Amman: Plenty to Talk About

:: Mines & Metals

Inauguration of Tin Plate Unit of Esfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Company

Alumina’s Awesome Ascend

:: Culture

Capitalizing on Cultural Commonalties

Printing & Publishing

:: Science & Technology

Latest Info Initiative

:: Civilization

Treasures Deep Down



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  Sep. 2003 / No. 25