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July 2003 / No. 24

Iran's New Industrial Strategy

Industrial development will entail higher earnings and increased efficiency in different industrial sectors.    more ...


Roadmap to Industrial Development

Some may be able to assert that this government has not been able to fulfill all its promises in political and cultural spheres, but no one can question its success in the economic sector.  more ...

:: Interactive



:: Editorial

Towards Strategic Alliances

:: Cover Story

Iranís New Industrial Strategy

:: Global Economy

Sustainable Development

The Presence of Iranians in the UAE

South Korea: A Newcomer to the First World

:: Management

Economic Management in Iran

:: Trade & Business

Elevating Trade in Value & Volume

Technology Transfer for 22 Turbines

Trilateral Free Trade Treaty

Consolidating Kyrgyz Ties

Promoting Trade by Avoiding Double-Taxation

Iran & Tunisia Strengthening Ties

:: Mines & Metals

Inauguration of Jajarm Alumina Plant

:: Q & A

Iranís Candidate for OPEC

:: Oil & Gas

Five Drilling Contracts worth $223 Million

:: Science & Technology

IT Network Connection Established

:: Appintment

Manouchehri Charged with Petropars


:: Banking

Successful Economic Policies

:: Economy

Money Laundering Must Be Curbed

Economic Evaluation of Financial Institutions

:: Industry

Roadmap to Industrial Development

:: Transport Industry

Ships Made from Auto Income

:: Auto Industry

Pars Tire on the Path to Prosperity

Always on the Move

Sazeh Gostar Going Beyond Limits

:: Petrochemical

Propping Petrochemical Production

$8b Strong Petchem Industry by 2005

:: Investment

New-Found Interest by Foreign Investors

:: Stock Exchange

Insurance to Enter Stock Exchange

Electronic Stock Transaction

:: Sport

Tennis Starts Shine in Tehran

:: Transit

Iranís $20b Share of the Asia-Europe Transport Industry

Trilateral Transit Treaty

:: Art

Rohani Conducts Tehran Symphonic Orchestra



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  July 2003 / No. 24